Since 1978 Inquisitor, Inc. has been offering thorough and comprehensive investigative services to both plaintiff and defense in civil matters.

Our clients include law firms, insurance companies, major corporations, small businesses entities and individuals. We provide investigative expertise in workmen compensation cases; product liability; personal injury; trademark infringement; automobile accidents; non-competitive agreement cases; and many more.

This search encompasses many aspect including but not limited to:

Drivers License verification

Courthouse Research – Civil court dockets are researched for defendant and plaintiff. The information will include case number, filing date, case name and judgment. Copies can be obtained of the cases at your request.

Business License/Corporation Search – We can determine if a company is licensed and registered with the Secretary of State’s office and provide the current status of said company. In some states and individuals name can be checked for company affiliations.

UCC Search – This search will provide information on secured party as well as debtor.

Bankruptcy – Federal Bankruptcy District Courts will be checked for filings on a nationwide basis. Information will be provided that includes court location, case number, status of case and attorney information. If available, copies can be provided. If documents are archived, copies can be obtained for an additional fee.

Neighborhood canvass – This is an invaluable tool when working cases including but not limited to pre-employment backgrounds, criminal cases, worker’s compensation, child custody or accident cases. This method allows investigative insight into an individual’s lifestyle by speaking directly with neighbors, acquaintances or co-workers.