Criminal defense

I have worked with the Inquisitor for over ten years and have the utmost respect for their team. They have worked diligently each and every time to get the best possible results for my clients and have been an invaluable resource in every stage of litigation. They are true professionals who leave no stone unturned. Their dedication and commitment have made them a valued resource which I turn to time and time again in order that I may provide the best representation for my clients.

Stephanie Ritchie – Fry & Ritchie



criminal defense

As a practicing criminal defense attorney of 20 years, I have found that a good investigator can be the difference for a successful result. Inquisitor has always been my top choice for difficult cases.

Paul Guibao– Paul Guibao Law Office



criminal defense

Inquisitor is the best! They always do an awesome job. I have been working with them for several years and they have handled over 30 cases for me. Their investigations are thorough, quick, and efficient. During the course of their investigations, they always find “a smoking gun” or things that I would not have found on my own. On many of my cases, information found by Inquisitor resulted in acquittals, dismissals, or getting a very favorable offer for my client. I promise they can find out anything that you need! I know from experience! They can get their hands on things that seem impossible to get. They know how to ask and get the pertinent information needed to effectively represent your client. Keep up the great work Inquisitor!

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Esq.- Fitzgerald & Harris



criminal defense

After over a decade of working with Inquisitor I am still constantly impressed with the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of their investigations. When I need something or someone to be found, I know that the sleuths at Inquisitor will leave no stone unturned.

Blake Ballin – Ballin Ballin & Fishman



criminal defense

I’ve used Inquisitor, inc. to provide me fact investigation and mitigation in literally dozens of matters for a quarter century. I’ve always been pleased with the effort and results. I have no hesitation in recommending the services it provides.

Michael Stengel  – Stengel Law Firm



criminal defense

Reliable, professional, steady and results-oriented. I have never been disappointed in Inquisitor's ability to assist me in both federal and state level trial preparation and trial. I highly recommend them.

Lee Gerald – Lee Gerald Law Firm